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more hours than cnn does. and we don't know about it because we're not allowed to anybody in the united states or show anybody in the united states what's going on. so here is a very, very valuable public diplomacy asset that is not being properly used. and it's not the fault of the people at the bbg. it's a lack of understanding at higher levels of government about how important it is. >> the british have a director general, they may wish of more of a sports team. >> i agree with jim. when i went on that board, it's neither fish nor foul, part of the problem but it has these constant leadership challenges. frankly, my sympathy goes out to the folks who work there and folks in the field because it's very, very difficult to do. and i know that walter isaacson has opposed the sort of significant re-org which i thought made a lot of sense. frankly, i'm not sure where it is these days. but made it more hopefully would make it a highly functioning organization. it is, we need every tool that we have in our arsenal. we need to be able to deploy them effectively. and i think better coordinatio
center. if you remember in a lot of our jobs, we have cnn or c-span drilling but we did not have it on and i was moving from one building to another. my first reaction, will have self preservation, was first and foremost, i just ran my pantyhose and i have to refer general. this is not a good sign. my second reaction is there is a lot of smoke coming out of that building. one of the privileges i had is parking. the reality is i ran to my car, we got people out of that building and from that point on, our world in the united states and around the world has changed. that is where we move forward to today's event. because cyber has taken a huge role and place in the world since. very soon after 9/11, the u.s. entered into a global war on terror that started in afghanistan, went to iraq, and back to afghanistan. the military will be pulling out next year. there will be peacekeeping and thereato trooposs, is a huge challenge. we will continue to address what needs to be done in that environment. none of that is done without our dependence and involvement in the cyber war. technology d
on cnn, msnbc and other tv and radio outlets. representing the libertarian perspective tonight is mr. tim cavanaugh. tim cavanaugh is a writer and producer for reason magazine and reason tv. he has worked as the online editor of the "l.a. times" and ran the late lamented sex.com. his work has appeared in the "washington post," "the boston globe," slate, the beirut daily star, san francisco magazine, "mother jones," and many, many others. eventually mr. jim and document a spectator and the daily car will be joining us and when he does i will give him a proper introduction. would the gentleman i have a right now i think a good way to get started, so those are three different perspectives, too represented here now, these are for philosophies in the midst of a campaign season, we are left and right and whatever is in between but i suppose that might be libertarian, dictator or influence on this election are outlined the american body politic. i think we should start with you individuals describing what it means to be a liberal. we will start with mr. scher. >> thanks very much for doing this.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3